Landscape Design/Build Services

Greenland Landscaping & Nursery takes pride in designing and building creative, high-quality landscapes.

An attractive well-crafted landscape substantially increases the value of your home and enhances your quality of life. Greenland Landscaping & Nursery offers landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties to suit your taste, property and lifestyle.

Whether you are taking on a garden project or a complete renovation of your property, our highly respected professionals will enhance the beauty of your project with thoughtful planning. You have only one "First Impression" make it a great one with our team.

Are you planning on enhancing your yard with lighting? We have a beautiful selection of outdoor fixtures that fit any style home. Perhaps you have a pool area, front- walk, a play area or a beautiful tree that is worth showing off, outdoor lighting can be a safety feature as well as beautifying feature.

Let us illuminate these areas with show appeal to improve the value of your property. Our staff will help walk you through your choices and give you professional service. Click on our photos to view some of our work. Make us your choice, call for a consultation.

Water ponds are the “New” outdoor feature everyone seems to be excited about. Take a look at some of our installations and feel the excitement of owning a Pond or a Pond-less Waterfall.

Ponds can be any size and can become part of your landscaping project.

Pond-less water falls, are just that, they run without having a visible reservoir. If you have children or pets, they offer safety since there isn’t any pond at the base of the fall. A great feature with the pleasure of running water.

Our staff is ready to start your project, call for an appointment.

Greenland Landscaping & Nursery services begin with an on site consultation. Ideas are exchanged, different options achieved and a design we both can be proud of will immerge. Greenland Landscaping & Nursery has expert craftsman that are committed to quality and reliability to help your property obtain the image you deserve.

No matter what your needs are, brick/paver patios, a retaining wall, walkways, even a driveway, you can count on our experience professional to give you the look you have envisioned.

Be sure to see our photo gallery and let us make your dreams a reality.