About Us

GREENLAND LANDSCAPING AND NURSERY has been servicing the Long Island area for over 30 years.

In 1975 Teresa D’Accolti started selling vegetables on a little table under a tree in the front yard of their home on Town Line Road. And at that time, Frank D’Accolti had a successful landscaping and lawn maintenance company.

Shortly there after, Frank eliminated the Lawn Maintenance service and concentrated on the ever growing business. Frank’s passion for landscaping design and Teresa’s love of flowers made this blend harmonious. Green houses were erected, different products were introduced and the little vegetable patch in the back yard was now a full fledged business with many returning and satisfied customers. Friends were made, help was added, as well as additional services.

Although Frank and Teresa met in America, both came from Italy, Teresa from a town near Naples and Frank from, Bari, a town in southern Italy. Both Frank and Teresa came from self sustaining farms with many siblings contributing to their success. Frank’s family grew olives, fruits and vegetables. Teresa’s family maintained a farm with animals and produce which was marketed in her home town. They are happy to be able to bring their knowledge and great products to their customers.

Many changes have occurred since that little table out in front of their premises, all of which has brought happy and loyal customers back to GREENLAND LANDSCAPING AND NURSERY. Come and experience the beautiful flowers, the gift shop, a smile and the utmost care and dedication to service you.

Frank and Teresa appreciate the support of their clientele and now service them from a larger table.